The Telepathic War with the Aliens

By Michael Menkin

Throughout the history of the human race, wars were fought with bigger and better weapons. Muskets replaced bows and arrows, automatic rifles replaced single action ones, rockets replaced cannons, aircraft carriers replaced battleships, ballistic missiles replaced bombers, jet interceptors replaced propeller driven fighters. Weapons got more accurate, faster, with greater ranges of action and greater explosive power. In all of the wars until now, technology and numerical superiority determined victory. Superior technology, tactics and numerical strength were the key elements in warfare. All wars fought until now were "technology wars." Wars were technological superiority were decisive.

Since we are being invaded by an alien force from another world, we have a different kind of war. Our war with these beings is one of mind control, mind scan, and telepathic control, as reported by Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs and Raymond Fowler. I call this type of conflict "telepathic war" to differentiate if from a "technology war." A "telepathic war" uses telepathy as a weapon in addition to the machines of a "technology war." Until now, the creatures abducting us could do so at will: they could "switch off" people or render them powerless, manipulate people's thoughts and cause them to move against their will, project mental images to us, masquerade as a friendly or sexually attractive human, and scan our entire minds.

The "thought screen helmet" is our only defense in a "telepathic war." I call this device a "thought screen helmet" because it prevents aliens from performing any kind of mental control over us. It blocks out all alien thought so humans can no longer be manipulated or controlled, and it prevents aliens from completing mental communication with us so people cannot be abducted.

The term "thought screen" is derived from the science fiction novels of Edward Elmer Smith, otherwise known as "Doc" Smith. Smith had his characters use "thought screens" to block out telepathic control. "Thought screens" were used in his novels as a defense to "telepathic war." With a working thought screen, fantasy has become reality. We can fight a "telepathic war."

Michael Menkin is an active member of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.  At the College of Marin in Kentfield, California, he was a member of the Honor Society Alpha Gamma Sigma and at California State University at Long Beach he was a member of the Honor Society of Pi Sigma Alpha as well as Phi Kappa Phi.